Rack 2 not updating modules

I have a problem with Rack not seeing my chosen module updates I pick from the VCV Library. Rack just says “up-to-date”, and doesn’t download new modules. I have tried to log out and back in, restarting Rack, restarting the computer, nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Thanks!

Unfortunately the Module Library on the web has changed not so long ago and it’s become harder to follow things. Please note that there is a difference between

  • subscribing plugins (update will push all modules into your VCV Module Browser)
  • and adding modules (new modules will not appear automatically in your VCV Module Browser)

For example I subscribed for most of the plugins but I added only specific modules from AS. If AS would come up with new modules I would see only the (updated) old modules.

Again it’s not too intuitive right now. Check your records here https://library.vcvrack.com/plugins

hmm, I guess I mean adding new modules is what I am trying to accomplish here; I browse modules in the VCV library, then push “add”, and still last week under VCV Rack’s “library” it would search for updates for a while and then show those “added” modules listed there, and then I could just download them? Are we talking about the same thing here? :slight_smile: (I’m very new to VCV Rack btw).

Two vague possibilities:

  1. Are the modules you subscribed to for the same version of vcvrack as you are running? Only v2.? modules will run in vcvrack v2.?

  2. Are you logged into vcvrack with the same account you use on the website?

Hi, yes to both of your questions. But as I was googling around about this I found out how someone had the same problem, and had re-installed VCV Rack and I did the same, and it seems to work again?

Thanks for your help and time :slight_smile:

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