Rack 2.1.2 doesn't respond to extra Ctrl keys

In my keyboard layout I have my caps-lock mapped to an extra Ctrl (which is many times more ergonomic to use than the default).

However Rack 2.1.2 does not respond to this Ctrl at all (useful when zooming in/out with the scroll wheel for instance).

This worked fine up to 2.0.6

Can anyone confirm this behavior on their system? (I’m using Linux with X11) It is quite inconvenient.

maybe: theres a new entry in view menu: auto squeeze algorithm (exp); which you can try to turn off. my ctrl function then was ok again. but a bit differenrt your prob… good luck robert

I can confirm that behavior appears with the official Rack build and also when building from source. I swap CapsLock and Ctrl (Emacs…) and agree it’s inconvenient.

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Yes I know that toggle (very glad it’s there!), but this doesn’t change anything.

The behavior works correct in other Rack 2.1.2 implementations, btw. Just Rack2Free seems affected.