rack 2.02 issues (also 2.01)

rack 2.02 issues (also 2.01)

cant update treasure free plugin -looks like its updating but not there at restart and still listed as needs to be updated

recorder crashes rack when pressing record.

running linux 18.04

[8.237 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:60 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 4 SIGILLEGAL INSTRUCTION. Stack trace: 14: /home/bill/Rack2Free/Rack() [0x403ccf] 13: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x3f040) [0x7fb4aef09040] 12: /home/bill/.Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder/plugin.so(av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels+0) [0x7fb4a1cf2710] 11: /home/bill/.Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder/plugin.so(avcodec_open2+0x1145) [0x7fb4a1c805e5] 10: /home/bill/.Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder/plugin.so(_ZN7Encoder4openENSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEES5_iiiiii+0x2f2) [0x7fb4a1bc2fc2] 9: /home/bill/.Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder/plugin.so(_ZN8Recorder5startEv+0x622) [0x7fb4a1bc6092] 8: /home/bill/.Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder/plugin.so(_ZN8Recorder7processERKN4rack6engine6Module11ProcessArgsE+0x620) [0x7fb4a1bc6b30] 7: ./libRack.so(_ZN4rack6engine6Module9doProcessERKNS1_11ProcessArgsE+0xa15) [0x7fb4afa24065] 6: ./libRack.so(_ZN4rack6engine6Engine9stepBlockEi+0x71a) [0x7fb4afa1eaea] 5: ./libRack.so(_ZN4rack5audio6Device13processBufferEPKfiPfii+0x146) [0x7fb4af96b9a6] 4: ./libRack.so(ZN4rack13RtAudioDevice15rtAudioCallbackEPvS1_jdjS1+0xa4) [0x7fb4af950b34] 3: ./libRack.so(_ZN9RtApiAlsa13callbackEventEv+0xce) [0x7fb4afdf1e1e] 2: ./libRack.so(+0x7997b5) [0x7fb4afdf27b5] 1: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x76db) [0x7fb4aecb26db] 0: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(clone+0x3f) [0x7fb4aefeb71f]

Can anyone on Linux verify this?

I had a similar issue to your TreasureFree with Hora Mixers, but I wouldn’t stress too much about this - they’re under active development and new builds of all Hora modules should be close.

I can’t reproduce your crash here on Mac. Just to confirm, is this in standalone or VST version?

free version

Okay. Post an issues on VCV - Support

Recorder isn’t crashing here on linux. Might depend which format you are trying to record in perhaps?

Recorder runs fine here on linux.

Same issue here. Can’t update Treasure Free library on Debian system using VCVRack V2 standalone. I stuck in an endless update loop, together with Erica Synths plugins.

Within VCVRack I have no access to these plugins (not visible in the plugin list) although they seemed to be downloaded and installed in the .Rack2 folder. Settings.json also declares them as white listed.

Had this issue before with 2.02 with an endless update loop for all libraries.

Did you post an issue to VCV - Support?

Did you run any of the v2 betas? Did you remember to completely clear out the …/Documents/Rack2/ directory before installing and running the v2 release versions?

No, I am running v2.0.3 official downloaded from vcvrack page. And yes, I started by completely deleting .Rack2 folder. But I think, I have the culprit… Both of the plugin require GLIBC_2.29, error shows up in the log file. But on Debian stable (buster) there is GLIBC_2.28. Finally had to update the system or ask Erica Synth and Hora to link libc statically… hm, I think this wouldn’t happen :frowning: