Rack 2.0 crashes when initializing midi/osc mapping plugins

So after porting OSC’elot I noticed if I hit Initialize from the module menu, Rack crashes. Otherwise it works fine like adding to a patch, mapping etc.

This is also present in MIDI-CAT and MIDI-MAP so I’m thinking it has to do with the addParamHandle method, but I haven’t been able to sort it out.

Any ideas?

@Vortico Any ideas why this is happening / has it already been fixed in the ABI?

He mentioned in the livestream that it was a deadlock and its not fixed yet

A deadlock usually causes a hang though, not a crash…

Rack stops responding and then you have to force kill/close it

OK, that isn’t a crash though, but a fatal hang :wink:

Last night I spent a few hours messing around with the latest beta of Rack 2 and I had a similar issue, although I’m not sure it’s the same. I was trying to map parameters to a MIDI controller via MIDI-MAP, and it would allow me to map them, but then the knobs just wouldn’t do anything. It would acknowledge that parameter X was assigned to MIDI CC Y, but turning the knob after would have no effect. Nothing would hang or crash though. The knobs just wouldn’t do anything after being mapped. Is this the same issue or something else?

I’m on Windows 10 BTW

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Same. Linux. Have notified the powers that be.

Yeah he did mention that too I think, you could try MIDI-CAT, I’m not sure if the mapping works but my OSC’elot code is similar so it should.

All three will deadlock if you hit initialize though, so don’t :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, the 23Volts MultiMap modules work fine in v2 at least on Win10, I have them wrangling my Minilars, did initialize one the other day, no deadlock. Could build and use those in the interim at least…

As I mentioned the Deadlock only happens if you hit initialize from the right click menu. Can you confirm that doesn’t happen with MultiMap?

not deadlocking here, but your mileage may vary …

Hmm would it

From a quick look, I can confirm MultiMap does not deadlock when initializing. I’ll take a more detailed look later and can hopefully fix OSC’elot, ty.

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Also Multimap still deadlocks if you hit initialize after mapping some params :frowning: