RACK 2.0.6 "Save As Copy"

I don’t understand the differrence in the Rack 2.0.6 menu between “Save As…” and “Save a copy”? They seem to do the same thing.


“save a copy” doesn’t change the active patch filename. In other words “save [ctrl-S]” won’t overwrite the copy - it has a different name.


I love this feature even though I understand it’s not used as often by everyone. Coming from Pro Tools and Logic Pro I can definitely say there are situations where this comes in handy. Think of it as a „named backup“ of your currently open patch while you continue to work on it and overwrite it using the regular save command.

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I really hate adding more to the file menu but a Save Version and Revert Version would be cool too. So you could “shift-ctrl-S” and it would save the current patch as yourpatch-001.vcv, yourpatch-002.vcv. So you could back out changes.

But I don’t actually care enough about that to suggest it as a feature. Some sort of ‘patch versioning.’ But I don’t want my ‘Kent thought that up in 30 seconds’ version, I want @Vortico ‘stewing over it for 6 months’ version.


I put in the feature request for Save a Copy.

Sometimes when i’m patching i’ll make something interesting but not needed or wanted in the final patch so I just want to save a copy for later or just save a quick version. Usually you’d have to Save As and then Save As again to save as your original patch… if you see what I mean. It is indeed a DAW feature (Ableton) I use a lot.

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It helps that adding a single menu entry that mostly what does what another menu entry does isn’t a lot of programming effort :grin:

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can’t you use git for this?

Git would make sense for text files, but patches are binary now, so it isn’t better than saving whole patches. Save as copy is just as good except you have to enter the new filename yourself.

Yeah, but if you care about history,git automates it. But if you like to do your own accounting, that’s cool.

Not really. The patches are a renamed zstd compressed folder.

You could easily uncompress that folder and push that to github, of course it’s not as plug-n-play.

I never used it for that, but is it not easier to use the Windows File History for this (if you are on windows… of course).