Rack 2.0.4 linux issue

Rack 2.0.4 switched its OS dialogs subsystem from using GTK3 to zenity. This creates an external dependency on installing the zenity package. On Arch Linux and derivatives that do not have zenity installed, opening Rack and starting an OS dialog (such as “Save…”) causes the whole application to freeze.

If you experience such an issue on Arch, just install zenity.

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Yeah, It’s in the manual now.




I’ve been git bisecting Rack for the past hour to find out why the damn thing is freezing on me to finally get to the commit that added zenity. tbf, folks like me that just upgrade, don’t usually read the manual about “installing Rack” - we’ve been there, done that, and in all honesty, osdialog (the package that uses zenity inside Rack) could have been written nicer to test for the zenity binary existence and bail out instead of letting the whole app UI just freeze).

Anyways, its great that some folks do read the manual :wink: Thanks!

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I’ve experienced this a few times. I recently set my xdg default to KDE and now Rack uses that. It is so much better than zenity or GTK but I have noticed that I get the freezes you talk about.

added here too

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