QWERTY keyboard spacebar to start/stop a Clock plugin

Is there a way to use the QWERTY keyboard spacebar key to start/stop a Clock plugin? I can use MIDI-CV to start/stop Impromptu Modular CLOCKED, but I can only use the letter keys, not the spacebar (as it doesn’t seem to be mapped, according to the VCV Rack documentation).

Why would I want to do this? I use many music software products (Cakwalk by Bandland, Studio One, Reaktor, Geist 2, etc) that use the spacebar to start/stop their clocks/playback, and when I do this in VCR rack (fairly often unfortunately) nothing happens!

An even better approach would be for VCV Rack to have a start/stop engine command that is mapped to the spacebar. I’m sure something like start/stop engine functionality will be needed for VCV Rack for DAW.

I would only make sense if VCV decided to apply this to all modules - then modules could register for start/stop events.

There is no plugin that I’m aware of. There is one that outputs a gate signal on press of CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, and SUPER (windows key)


Connecting to ALT might be the better option here, closet to the space bar. Just takes a lot of getting used to not having the functionality of a piano role sequencer, I still press the spacebar myself in a panic state.

using a external software, a Midi inspector/editor you could convert a Key note in a cc, I know Carla can do this, is not exactly the space bar, but cuould work