Quick tip: how to create a quantizer with rotatable scale mask

Hi there, I know, the old quantizer into quantizer trick is old news, but since my search on scale mask did’nt turn up any results, here’s a quick tip on how to create a quantizer with a rotatable mask (like the quantizers in the ornament and crime, org. firmware): use two quantizers with transpose input, e.g. quantum, connect the output of quantizer 1 to the input of quantizer 2 (through a sample and hold, triggered in synch with your vco/voice), set both quantizers to the same scale, but leave out some notes on quantizer 1 (= mask out notes from the scale). now use the transpose CV of quantizer 1 to rotate the mask .

Have you looked at Probably Not(e)?

Probably not.

Sorry, that was a terrible joke but with that module name, YOU STARTED IT! :laughing:


What is a rotatable scale mask?

Did’nt try that one, in deed. Setting the probability for notes to 0 to mask them out, then use weight shift to rotate the mask does the trick. Nice! As always, too many modules, too little time .

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The scale with a mask is basicly a scale that has been reduced by one or more of its notes. The scale mask is the notes that have been stripped from the scale. Rotating means, the mask can be shifted (e.g. when you got a 7 note scale, and mask out note 2 +4 of it, then shift it upward, note 3 + 5 of the scale are masked out) and loops (from last note to first note of the scale, when shifted upwards, from first to last note of the scale, when shifted downwards).

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I might be looking for something just like this, thank you!