Quick Question about SVG format

whenever I first build the module per the tutorial is it supposed to be able to find the Inputs/Ouputs/Lights and all of that directly from the SVG file?

because I get this after i create a new module for the first time from my slug.



I just now realized I forgot to add a parameter, I’ll go back and add that in for the button for the trigger. I just wanna make sure i’m doing this right haha :smiley:

Note that using the helper.py is not a repeatable process as you add things to a module, so if you’re not starting out with a layout already fully designed, you might want not to use it, or to use it on a placeholder module and copy-paste what it generates to your real module.

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The helper script is not finding any components. Have you checked that they are the correct type according to https://vcvrack.com/manual/Panel#adding-components?

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I checked they are the correct type i think i just messed up on the colors hex values to begin with :slight_smile: