Quetzalcoatl's Music


Hi everyone! I recently discovered this amazing software, and i just want to share som music i made…having so much fun with it! The first patch i made that i feel somewhat happy with. I called it “Chords” cuz it got chords in it :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! Can’t believe your first patch is a full song with different parts rather than a loop. Really enjoyed it.

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Welcome! Great start, keep going…

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^ what he said. Thats a nice track. Love the snare-like part.

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thank you very much!

thanks! yeah i’m hooked!

thank you!


Another track! Loving the Blamsoft XFX Wave module! I also tried the polyrec module from Nysthi, which make it possible to mix the track in Logic or any DAW after recording, really nice :slight_smile:


Wow very nice :slight_smile:

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thanks man!