Questions about rotary encoders for Maschine and Push - SOLVED

I am running VCV Rack 2 as a VST in Ableton. I have a Maschine and a Push and I’d like to take advantage of the endless encoders of either device.

I would prefer if the Push’s encoders could be used, but only one acts like a proper CC (as far as Midi Map is concerned), and that one acts funny and I can’t get it to work properly.

I’m able to easily map the Maschine encoders using Midi map, but when I change instruments the Maschine doesn’t get an updated value, so the encoder works like a “dumb” knob, causing big jumps in values when I switch instruments in Ableton. I did some digging and found a recommendation to try MIDI-CAT, but that didn’t resolve the issue (I tried various MIDI settings in Ableton to no avail… but I still might have it set up wrong, I’m not exactly savvy with MIDI).

If anyone has ideas on how to get the Push encoders to work, or how I can get my Maschine encoders to receive updates, that would be awesome!

Where are you using VCV in Ableton or Maschine? I recommend Maschine and then output into Ableton. You can map knobs in Maschine using NKS, for example to Patchmaster modules and then map those any knobs in VCV.

I am using VCV Rack in Ableton and I’m using the Maschine (device) for the encoders.

I had trouble getting VCV Rack working in Maschine (SW), the screen freaked out when you tried to resize it. Maybe I’ll give Maschine another try.

Update: So the screen resizing issue in Maschine (SW) is only on the second monitor. It works fine on my main monitor (which isn’t really where I want that screen). But the encoders work very well in Maschine (SW + HW).

It would still be nice to get this working in Ableton with the Push though.

Cool re maschine. If you want to use the encoders in Ableton, you can use the same approach on VCV VST by enabling macros and mapping those to VCV parameters.

@auxmux that worked great! I really appreciate your help. I can’t believe I hadn’t used macros before in Abelton.

In case someone hits this via a search engine later, the following video explains macros. They’re using them on a group of effects, but you can use them just as easily on a single instrument.

(683) How to use MACROs in Ableton Live - YouTube

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