Question: which VST's can be used in Host for Mac

Hi all, this might be for you guys a dumb question… still…
I would like to purchase host and it says in its description that it runs with vst 2.x versions…
also I’m a Mac user and I’ve looked in my library/audio/plugin folder and I only could find a vst and vst3 folder of my purchased vsts.
so here is my question: , does vst or vst3 will be compatible?
and should I purchase?

Works like a charm here!

As far as I know vst “2” versions just go in the vst folder. Some programs support them, some don’t. Some only support version 2 vsts, but they just go in the vst folder. On mac for my convenience I have these two folders plus the other audio unit folder (and the max for live folders) in my favorites list on the side. There is no specific folder for version 2 plugins.

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST is the default directory for VST2 plugins on Mac.

thank you guys,
if I well understand, it’s not because any of my vst plugin is called xxx.vst2 that it will not works, because again, in my or our case they are called .vst or .vst3…
also it seems like if it works with other Mac user ( like you jue) ,therefor I feel quiet confident.
i suppose I should do it…

VCV Host doesn’t currently scan .vst2 extensions, but if you rename it to .vst it should work. I don’t remember ever seeing a .vst2 file, but if this is common, I can add it in a future Host version. What plugin(s) do you have with this extension?

none in fact and that’s the point;-)
it’s just that in the the host description after the firsts pictures it is saying that host can load vst 2.x instruments and effects…
and also by the way, thank you very much Andrew for helping on that, you seems like one of the author of vcv rack or maybe the author, it’s impressive, thank you