Question on Submarine's LA-216 analyzer

Is it normal that after switching LA-216 to ‘ONCE’ it keeps on tracking the input signals?

Occasionally it works as I’d expect it: freezes at the end. But sometimes it keeps on going with the same settings. I just can’t figure out this Trigger Mode settings.

Or does it have to do something with the input signal?

Well, there could be a bug. I’ll have to look into it. Once cause it to stop tracing when it reaches the right hand edge, until you press reset. Once you press reset it should wait until it detects the next edge on the selected trigger channel.

Because its a digital device, the level required for triggering depends on the voltage range configured on the context menu.

I’ll check it out and look for a bug.

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It is very strange. This time I created the left (blue) RndC & LA-216 patch and setting it to ‘once’ it stopped at the end.

Then I duplicated the two modules (selection & Ctrl-D) but the right one (purple) doesn’t stop at the end with the same settings. It is keeping on monitoring the signal.

Is ‘Signal input 1’ different than ‘Signal input 2’?

Yes, in the sense that you have set the trigger to input 1, but you don’t have anything connected to input 1.

That’s probably why you’re having trouble.

If you set the trigger to input 2 channel 1 in the purple example, then I think it will behave like the blue example.

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THIS is exactly why VCV is so wonderful :slight_smile: Purple & blue…

I always wanted to make “my ultimate scope trigger” to use with Submarine scopes. This module is getting closer! I think one “super trigger” that could be used with all the scopes would be great!

continuous / once pos or neg edge ac or dc coupled pre-delay.

various submarine scopes have some combination of those features, or course…

Yes, I think that’s it! I forgot about the Trigger knob.

Many thanks, A.

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