question on Sequence Modeler

As a confident VCV user I thought it’s obvious how RESET will work on LifeFormModular SequenceModeler.

But I’m confused even after reading the manual. Isn’t a trigger sent there should reset the active step to 1?

I think it has to do with what comes first (reset or the clock) this is a “long standing” problem. But you can solve it by using ML TriggerBuffer, it will make sure it jumps to and plays step1. Like this :


And a riddle…can you make the first high note play with this sequence every time you press RUN ?

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Sure - Easy Peasy

Within CLOCKED “On Start” context menu, enable both “Do internal reset” and “Send reset pulse”

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Not quite. :wink:

Huh? It is working for me. What are you seeing?

Did you choose “clock passthrough” on the SEQ 3.

EDIT : that is my “solution” but I also have the “on stop do internal reset” and “set reset pulse” on and that was not helping in THIS case.

So… you are right.

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Sure did. The Reset prevents the internally generated trigger from firing, but does not interfere with the clock passthrough. I did not mention it because the SEQ-3 trigger was too fast to make the FM-OP sound otherwise (my attack was >0).

I don’t like that reset behavior. It was designed to solve a specific issue, but I feel like it just kicks the can down the road, creating problems elsewhere.

I wrote a bunch about the behavior of SEQ-3 at Proposed documentation for the VCV Fundamental SEQ 3 module


Thank you! I think I see now what’s going on!

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I like the nord reset protocol that some vcv modules use.

Could you describe the Nord protocol Bruce, and which modules in Rack uses it?

There’s an explanation here:

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Yep, that about all I know about that. I think on the last module I tested, but never released (arpeggiator) I had two options for reset, that was one of them.

Huh, looking at it, I used that as the default:

Not much in the manual, either:

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There’s a little more in the Nord manual, but not a lot.

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