question on randomizing pulses

My COVID symptoms clearly don’t help solving this issue so please give me a hand.

Using the wonderful StochSeq it is straight forward to make sure that some pulses are sent with 80% probability but the rest of the beats are sent only with 20% of probability.


It works just fine but I thought to reduce the size. Theoretically this can do the same, can’t it?

Is there a tinier solution?

Any weirdo VCV only solution is welcome!

Not sure - but that’s already a pretty tiny solution, thanks for posting, gives me ideas!

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This is the “smallest” I could do.

SQ2 has its own clock, a trigger and gate output. CV2 is set to 8V/2V/2V/2V for the 4 steps i added. Chance is 0-100% for output B for 0-10V when Chance is fully CCW.

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Very nice solution! Thank you!

hello !

Big question the randomizing pulse !

My solution, not the tiner but very flexible, look like this :

Clocked assume the beat pulse, and with Chances and Burst, it’s randomly send fast trigger betwin the pulse. And to add more random, Burst is configure to send a lot of pulse, and an another Chances make a sort of filtre, so not all the pulse are send.

So you can have choose to have just the beat or the beat and the pulses in betwin.

I prefer to have Gate-Seq to have more flexibility on the beat, like this :

And by the way, i use the second row to trigger the fast pulses :

And of course, there are many many other ways to use this technique … !

here is the strip : randomPulse.vcvss (40.4 KB)

have some nice sunday pulses !

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Oh, that’s interesting! It’s exactly the other way around I was thinking about it. Let me see…

Not trying to hijack this post but I have used this ‘Gael strip’ to produce a pulsating Space Music Pulsar, not sure if this is anywhere near the original idea.

Here’s the patch:

Pulse generator -Gael.vcv (80.4 KB)

I have audio as well if you would like to listen to a track produced using this.

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You should be able to eliminate the second Chances as the Burst Generator has built in probability for the output pulses.

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Oh wow ! Such a strange patch for me ! But sound nice ! I’m not used at all to this techniques, i will try to undestand all of this !

Yes, i don’t know how i test it before, but it’s completly true, the second Chances is not necessary !

Thanks for your accuracy !

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