Question on CV changing presets

Is it theoretically possible to create a module with a CV input for changing the preset?

Cheers, Andras

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The new module that @clone45 is working on will give you 24 presets, but you have to make them yourself. :wink:

No, you can only automate parameters. So why not use several Organ Three modules in your patch and automatically switch between them?

There is the 8face module that it will make this happen. Plenty of people are waiting on this thing as its still in processs of updating for 2.0


8Face works great for changing presets. set to control it with 0-10v and Voila. If you feel you like to experiment - you can install the non official build 2.0

Scroll to the bottom of the page download the version for your OS and drop it in your plugins folder. Restart and Enjoy !


8face will work in standalone , on the vst version its still problematic (takes a huge hit on the cpu)

Yeah, I agree that there must be a @stoermelder module that does this. I do have to say, however, that most modules don’t come with presets like that. But some do!

what about such a module:

the problem is that it clicks a bit when switching presets.

i have made the module for having something for the Faders module as then there can be plugged a slew limiter inbetween e.g.:

Or for the new version of Pad (the new version can morph between sounds):


Reading the posts of this topic I believe that there’s a place for such a preset-changing-module.

It would be used for more than simply changing VCO presets.