question on Biset Tracker modules

Is there any Biset demonstration VCVS available?

I’m kind of confused what I’m doing with these modules! :flushed:

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I guess you allready found the pdf manuals on github ?

you can right click to save the pdf manuals.

I don’t know of any VCV selection demos - but they look good, I’m sure someone will make videos and perhaps also patches/selections.

Yes, I found it. It’ll be very useful once I want to identify the note effects.

It’s less useful to get a quick overview what it’s capable of. :slight_smile:

was wondering if there was a way to clock this sequencer to something else? i want it synced with the daw.

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I placed a feature request: clock input on tracker · Issue #12 · gibbonjoyeux/VCV-Biset · GitHub


Walkthrough of the developer