question on Bidoo ratEaU

What is Bidoo ratEaU? :thinking:

It does look like a module I need but I’m completely lost…

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I believe it is a Trigger Riot-style drum sequencer, that generates patterns using summed clock dividers. However, I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

@bidoo , are you planning on releasing any kind of documentation? If not, is there some sort of per-step activation I need to do on each divider? I can’t get any of them to do anything (yes, I connected a clock.)

It took me a minute to get it working as well. You need to send a pulse into RESET to get it working as expected.


Ohhhhhh, good to know!

Was wondering same, eager to try this. Thanks @trickyflemming

Ah, OK. It’s still not matching my expectations :crazy_face: but it does something.

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It even does that here, when you stop the clock…

And the beat goes on…

Is randomization working on this? Seems like nothing happening when I randomize from Init, connected clock and reset too.

A lot to grok here, maybe some have cracked it before me. I have a clue what the DIV, PRB, SPD, PW are but not sure about the STP, CKS, or TMS.

Definitely have to send 2 clocks and the fun can be about changing those 2 rates.

Still in the dark, but very interested where this is going.

Watch this :

And then still don’t understand the Bidoo version… :sunglasses:


I feel you

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Luckily we’ll always have Ruckus…

Stripped down but at least it works as expected.

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synchronicity! I just was checking the link to same :smiley:

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I dunno, I’m getting some interesting rhythms and melodies out of it. I like it and I suspect it will get some tweaks by the developer soon. For me, I would like the gates to cease when the clock is not running. And a nice tutorial would be terrific, I’m not one to look a new BiDoo in the mouth, I can give it time.

Yes, it feels a bit “unfinished”, maybe some bug-reports are needed to get it to work perfectly :sunglasses:

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I think this is a bug (or a feature ?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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