Question on Bidoo Moire


I’d need a bit of help with self-patching Bidoo Moire. Currently I set up four scenes in a way that OUT1 and OUT2 is defining the next scene to be played. Using the square output of an LFO I can nicely loop through scene 1 to 4. But if I change the LFO wave to saw Moire is becoming completely unreliable. Sometimes it doesn’t change the future scenes. Sometimes it changes with uneven timing. The scene numbers are meant to be changed the same way on both Moire, aren’t they? Is there some settings I missed?

question on Bidoo Moire v2.vcv (19.1 KB)

(Background: the basic idea behind this patch is to use OUT9-16 for controlling 8 mixer level inputs. As Moire allows smooth transition between scenes I preprogrammed the starting CV levels for every scene and I hope to slide between these values. So using square wave to loop through is not an option.)

Any suggestion or guidance would be much appreciated!

Cheers, A.