Question for skilled UI developers or others or ...

today I got the idea, that it could be usefull for educational and maybe some other purposes to have a chance to make only some cables in a patch visible.
e.g. the cables from the outs of oscillators to a mixer, or only cables to the modulation input of a module,
here is a quick example pic I composed in GIMP:

I think you get the idea

now my questions:
Would this be possible to program?
If yes, would someone be interested to program this (as I have 0 knowledge to do so)?

There is no easy support for this in VCV Rack. I think you could probably pull something like this off though by setting the cable opacity to 0 and then writing custom code to draw the cables you want to show.

How would you want to control which cables are shown?

I think the easiest way would be to choose the opacity setting by colors,
when I could set just one color to be visible maybe via a right click menue of the modules or a general settings for opacity, or a special “opacity module”, …
but maybe I`m wrong??

Sounds like a good addition to something like Inklen. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to work on something like this for a little while.

yep, the Cable Color Key would be a good module for this.

Submarine WM-101 wire manager does not do this specifically, but it does have the option to make some cables visible and show others. It sets the cable colors on the fly as necessary.

If you can imagine a decent ui to specify which cables you want to show, programming the cables changes is pretty easy.


Yes indeed.

It could be as simple as a module that lists each color (pictorially) with a check box next to each. Show the colors that are checked, hide those that aren’t.

A more complicated strategy would be to offer a way of selecting a group of modules and giving that collection a name with a checkbox. If checked, then all cables between any pair within the collection would be displayed, others would not. I don’t think this feature would be used often, but it would be very nice for educational videos.