Question for Sanguine Modules Funes users.


Is it all right if I fix the VOWLSPCH mode ignoring the Trigger port being connected until the first trigger is received or do yo expect that and if I remove the defect your patches would break?

This would change two things:

  • The TRIGGER port being patched would no longer be ignored by the VOWLSPCH engine until the first trigger is received (e.g. Your patch would not start with funky/annoying/desirable sounds on load).

  • LPG. RESP. & LPG. DECAY would affect the output, (LPG. RESP. at 12 o’clock and LPG. DECAY maxed to get the original sound).

This problem affects Funes, Macro Oscillator 2 and Palette because it does not originate from our code; but from M.I’s.

Let me know, please!

A decision will be made on monday, based on your input.

This affects ONLY the VOWLSPCH engine. The others would remain untouched.

My vote is as follows “Yes, please, Bloodbat, fix it!”.


My vote: fix away, nothing that can’t be tweaked after that, so all good, and better in the long run methinks.


Certainly, if you feel it doesn’t quite make sense and it seems it has a flaw, I vote fix it. Fine work bringing all these alternative firmware versions of these modern classics.

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It sounds like if you fix it and someone wants the old behaviour they can just use the Moots module so I’d say fix it.

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Thanks to everyone for your input, the fix has been pushed and will be available in the next release or tomorrow’s nightlies.

Errata: LPG. RESP. & LPG. DECAY affect the output; to get the original sound both knobs need to be set at maximum.