(question) Click/Pops When Connecting Audio Cables

My ancient “Slade” module sort of does that. It’s really 8 anti pop on/off switches / VCAs. You could use external modules to make it be an A/B switch, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth. But there is a lot of non-obvious normaling of inputs and outputs, so maybe you only need an inverter - I think you can make the output of pairs mix together - I think they do it automagically.


What’s a good test to tell if a switch has anti pop or not?

Here is what I use. Unmute one mixer channel or the other to test.

Thanks - yes I see.

So… you might want to check out the new MindMeld module we are launching tomorrow and the utility switches that go with it which have anti pop. And it’s free.

I’ll be posting more details around lunchtime tomorrow and Omri is doing a premiere at 8pm CET.


Wow, Timely! I will check it out.

MixMaster was mentioned earlier in the context of hearing pops when connecting and disconnecting cables.

I spoke to Marc about it as I remember this issue coming up when we were developing it. We do actually have anti pop on the jacks, but it can only really be done when connecting cables to the mixer - you’ll notice there are no pops when you do that. But it’s impossible to add anti-pop when disconnecting cables without adding a signal delay buffer which we definitely didn’t want to do.

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Yes, I was able to wire up Slade to act as a clickless VCA switch, but it is more complex.

Of course, I am only trying to help the OP find at least one workaround for their problem.

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Yep, this looks like a job for MindMeld RouteMaster or PatchMaster!


Thanks for all the replies everyone. I haven’t been able to respond individually but I’m going to follow your tips and check out all the recommended modules to see what solution works best for me. It might take a bit of learning before I can fully understand how to use some of them :grin: