Question about where should I ask this Topic?

Hi I’m new I have a question I’m project I’m working on taking frequencies and trying to tune them to a musical key either the western music that we know ours or some alternating tuning later on mirco-tuning
stuff like that but trying to stay with the western music right now what form should I ask question on this topic thank you God Bless please keep your family safe out there

You might ask about quantizers. Or just try the nice simple effective one from jW that a lot of people use

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sorry for dumb question I am new I just download

So I am brand new to this software I do use LogicPro X as my daw

Can this work with the VCVRack software ?

Ok I think I found what You were say about VCV Library

Does this control work with Your daw again sorry :disappointed: dumb question

vcv rack currently cannot be directly used with external daws without workarounds like virtual midi cables. when vcv rack v2 comes out there will be a vst version for sale, but there is no set date for this release.

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