Question about Submarine module WM-101/102

these are the wire manager modules.

so I wanted to change to the omri cohen set of colors (the first in the list) but when I hit ctrl + F1, it took me to the user manual. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this? cuz I really want to use that one, but if i make it myself I don’t get the labels on the billboard module.

I know this is kinda small, but it is annoying!


pam (who just got her keystep 37 and is really having fun with it!)

I thought ctrl-F1 is supposed to take you to the user manual. What is this question about?

Actually, i just figured it out. Sorry

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Oh, that’s really annoying.

Yeah Ctrl+F1 should select the first collection.

But VCVRack v2 has added Ctrl+F1 for the module manual, so that no longer works.

All I can suggest for the time being is to add a new dummy collection and move it to the top. so that you can use Ctrl + F2 instead.