Question about module height and hp

Is the vertical spacing of Rack’s rows scaled to 3U (ignoring that one can zoom in/out in view), and for modules that are ported from hardware (such as the Mutable Instruments Rings/Audible Instruments Resonator) true to the hp?

Modules are 128.5 mm height and with a width multiple of 5.08 mm

thanks! Any insight on why the height is shy of 3U, while the width is accurate to 1HP?

darn, i feel stupid. haha, i see that eurorack ‘3U’ actually does correspond to 128.5mm!

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Module front panels are all 3U high (1U = 1.75 inch = 1.75" = 44.45mm, 3U = 133.4 mm). The final height of the front panels is a bit less than 133.4 mm as the rim of the mounting rails has to taken into considerattion. Consequently the final height is 128.5 mm for all A-100 front panels.

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