question about Entrian free version

Entrian Audio Bug

I Can’t use the Entrian Audio Plugin Modules, the error is display this message and then can’t use them

Purchase this plugin:

The Entrian Player that you have is for those who haven’t purchased the sequencer to still be able to play sequences made by those who have purchased the full version.

I own both plugins (no chance to use any yet), If I own the premium need I the free?

If you own the premium plugin, then try uninstalling the free plugin. i think this happened to me too, and deleting the free version did the trick.

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The commercial “Entrian Sequencers” and the free “Entrian Free” plugins do peacefully co-exist.

When you add a module to your patch, make sure it’s the one from “Entrian Sequencers”, not “Entrian Free”.

In the module browser, the module screens tell you which is which:


great to know that @Richie, thanks , but need I the free? is there some feature missing if I uninstall the free? not care about cant load patches that use the free module, if it is the case I can download again if needed , just I want keep my library as clean as possible

No, you don’t need Entrian Free to use Entrian Sequencers.

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isnt the pitch and env follower only included in the free version?

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Yes, that’s right.

that is OK, I usually use Leakage as envelope follower , thanks!

I do not understand nothing in this forum, what is the problem is free?

It’s free? Yes so true is free but I can not use any feature in this plugin what is the problem here? I need purchase??

In this case need show a purchase advertise, no need another advertise, I do not understand nothing here what is the problem

@dnbstartrek is a very common that the free products have limitations compared withe the payed ones , however the advertise was made

These are free play-only versions of the sequencers in the commercial Entrian Sequencers plugin. When someone with Entrian Sequencers uses those sequencers to build a patch, they can save their patch for use with the Entrian Player modules instead. That lets people with the Entrian Free plugin play those patches without needing to buy Entrian Sequencers.

from the manual

yes, you will need to purchase them to access the programmability of the sequencers. you may not have noticed but the free version is listed as “Entrian Player” and in the description its described as a player and in the paid versions description its described as a sequencer.

yes perhaps is my fault, I did this thread a bit oftopic, @dnbstartrek the answer that are you looking for is the first