Question about analog modelling

So I use the Rack VCOs, switched to analogue. For me, there is a clear difference and love the analogue timbre.

However, because of this, I am reluctant to branch out and use other VCOs as most don’t have this option.

Is there a module that can add analogue modelling to a VCO? Are most of the VCOs in the library analogue modelled anyway and I just don’t realise? Am I even thinking about this in the right way?

I am aware there are modules that specify this and that are obviously analogue modelled. I’m thinking about all the rest.

Documentation quality varies, but most VCOs will be attempting virtual analog modelling of some sort.

Even if you can’t tell straight from their sound linking the output to a scope module will make it pretty obvious which are producing pure function style outputs and which look messier.


Excellent. Will do.

what the analog option in VCO 1 does is fairly basic, but I don’t know about what other VCOs do. In VCO 1 it does two things - it introduces some variation (imperfection) to the pitch, and also modifies the shape of the waveforms a bit. There are of course several modules designed for adding random detuning. I would be surprised if the Vult modules don’t do something like this (but better).

Yeah I’ve had my eye on those. They stand out as pretty analoggy.

you can also use wavetable VCOs like Ball of Confusion or Terrorform and load up libraries of analog waveforms for an even analogier experience


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