Quantussy Cell audio rate


I’m loving the controlled chaos from Quantussy Cell.

I’m trying to use the waveform outputs at audio rate but they don’t seem to respond to modulation. Once the low limit is at audio rate the waveform doesn’t appear to be modulated by any of the inputs although I think I can see the internal S&H is being modulated as the Kastle output responds accordingly. Am I doing something wrong?

I have no idea what it might sound like but apparently it’s possible in Cocoquantus so it’s probably interesting. Have I misunderstood what the module is capable of?

Also is it possible that the base frequency updates when the low and high settings are changed.

Thanks for looking.

Test patch attached hopefully…

quantussy_test.vcv (5.4 KB)

Not quite sure I understand the issue, but will take a look

Modulating the Lo and Hi inputs sets off the audio chaos nicely.

quantussy_test4.vcv (20.4 KB)

I"m still not 100% sure what I’m doing though!

That’s the point of a Quantussy ring in my world.

I think I’ve got my head around what the inputs do - the oscillator starts at a base frequency of 0-8hz then is frequency modulated between the low and high frequency limits by the incoming scaled CV from the partner cell’s castle output. But that would suggest that the frequency of the oscillator will vary quite a lot as the CV gets wiggly…and that’s not what happens if I set the low limit of the cell at audio rate. If I set the low limit to say 110hz, mostly the oscillator will sit at 110hz and there will be occasional jumps up to the high limit and not very much in between. The partner cell’s castle outputs are sending out very chaotic CV though. Any tips on how to get crazy sounds directly out of the internal oscillators?

Explanation patch attached.

3_cell_quantussy_test.vcv (23.4 KB)

Apologies if I’ve missed something glaringly obvious and thanks for your time.

While there is nothing wrong with modulating the high/lo inputs at audio rates, that is not typically what people do. :slight_smile:

The original hardware version of this did not even have those range limiting controls, so just keep that in mind

Stick a cable anywhere, see what it does!

This is not the problem as I see it though. What I mean is that I shouldn’t have to modulate the range inputs to get a fluctuating tone.

Another patch attached. The scope shows chaotic CV going into a cell that has it’s low and high range set at audio rates yet the output is just a steady tone. The CV doesn’t seem to be modulating the internal oscillator as I thought it would.

3_cell_quantussy_test2.vcv (16.3 KB)

Hi, I looked at your patch. The QC is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing within a ring (although usually I use 5 QCs), but anyway it looks to me the issue was that you had the hi/lo limits set to some odd values (particularly on QC #3). I would recommend setting the LO parameter hard left, and HI hard right for all the QCs and let them do their thing.

Again, that is just me and how the QC was originally designed

The limits were just set that way to speed things up otherwise you might have to wait a while for any movement and even longer for any usable audio.

Hooking an oscillator up to the castle outs give me what I thought the output of the cell would sound like but as Richard Brewster says ‘while you could use the CV S&H output and/or the LFO pulse output in your patches, I invite you to look at these as internal to the cell’.

Thanks for the modules and thanks for looking.