Quantising Using DAW MIDI Notes

After trying other quantisers, this setup seems to work with (a) any number of notes in your chord (and you may be inconsistent!) & (b) any number of polyphony channels in MIDI▸CV, provided b ≧ a.

IMPORTANT: Set polyphony mode in MIDI▸CV to “Reset”. IMPORTANT: Don’t add notes to or subtract notes from a chord without retriggering every other note in the chord.

The only other solution I’ve found that allows (a) and (b) is using Impromptu’s (inspired) Adaptive Quantizer, but my idea of feeding it hundreds of monophonic notes in the first millisecond adds a little jitter in the quantised voice on chord changes from the DAW.


Im not sure i understand. I do a similar thing with ml audio quantizer, but dont know how thats different from the solution youve found.

how will you do that?

I tried ML, but I could not find a combination of (1) rules for writing MIDI chords in the DAW, (2) polyphony settings in MIDI▸CV, and (3) wiring for ML Modules Quantum that did not lead to either stray notes or an underpopulated quantiser. Same with all the other quantisers I tried.

To populate Impromptu’s Adaptive Quantizer, I use a 96x clock and an arpeggiator. Even as I reduced the jitter on the downbeat, I still faced the issue of repeated notes in the chord unevenly weighting the quantiser.

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what are you trying to do?

I feel like my new Sort module might be helpful here, it lets you keep specific polyphonic channels using a polyphonic “selection” or “mask” (i.e. they are entirely skipped, not just muted), kind of like an Excel filter(). That way you can just set the MIDI polyphony to 16, “Select” only the currently held notes, and use something like Coerce to quantize to those notes:

It’ll still snap back to a single 0v / C4 channel if no notes are held, so your “quantize key track” should avoid having empty/silent sections.

Combine with my Stats module’s “Distinct” output to automatically remove duplicate notes, in cases where that matters.

EDIT: There is a bug with Sort in 2.1.8 where if one of the “keys” has more channels than the “data”, you get extra copies of the data channels, but 2.1.9 is already submitted to the library. For now you can avoid the bug by making sure the keys and data are the same number of channels.


Restrict the pitches VCV plays, measure by measure, as determined by a single MIDI track in the DAW populated with chords of inconsistent polyphony.

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ok thanks

Just as an idea. You could „record/input“ all your chords (well up to 16) for each measure into ChordVault with varying polyphony and then there’s a right click menu option to actually restrict the number of poly channel for each recorded step. Then use the COERCE module mentioned above to restrict any incoming voltage to just the chord notes (in any octave).

So the signal chain is: DAW > MIDI>CV Module > ChordVault (Gate + V/OCT) > COERCE > …

Advantage is that you can freely make up a sequence of chords (specific order or random) and clock these as you wish.