Quantising To Multi-Octave Note Sequence

[Edit] Just found Scalar which does exactly what I need.

Traditionally quantisers allow you to select an octave-repeating scale, and will quantise notes to that scale. Depending on the range of the notes, all notes, regardless of octave are quantised to scale, using a variety of approaches, nearest up, nearest down, last etc.

However, I would like to be able to devine a series of notes that spans multiple octaves, and quantise to those notes. These notes might all be drawn from a scale, but the difference is that I would like to choose specific notes for specific octaves. What I’m describing isn’t a scale, because it spans multiple octaves, so I guess it’s more a case of quantising to an ascending note sequence.

For example, the note sequence might be the following (all from E minor scale):

E1, A1, C1, D1, E2, F#2, G2, B2, D2, G3

I would like to be able to feed a 1V/Oct signal in, and have whatever notes are present mapped across this sequence, so that the lowest note in would be output as E1, and the highest note out would be output as G3, with the other notes between mapped across my chosen sequence.

How could I go about achieving this?

I would be surprised if @synthi’s Scala quantizer doesn’t let you do this.

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Also, this one could fit:

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yes the correct “.scl” wiil do it

That’s cool. not as general as Scala, but exactly does what @Pedr is looking for, perhaps. Looks fun, too.

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.