Quantising Samples in NYSTHI Samplers

Hello once more, another random brain wave/storm! Is it possible to quantise samples using Nysthi Samplers or any sampler. So you put your sample into the sampler then into Quantum or even Arpeggio of your choice, is this possible, I know we are in a modular environment so in theory it should be possible. Any examples or audio would be very much appreciated.

hmm… my guess is it would have to be a different beast, Quantum et al. are designed to quantize a CV signal to an appropriate value in regards to v/oct.

I don’t think i’ve ever tried to feed audio into a quantizer, so I’m not sure what’ll happen. Maybe it’ll work?

Maybe you could control the speed of Simpliciter with an 8 step sequencer or something to get what you’re going for.

From MW:

Technically audio into a quantiser would work (well it depends on how fast your quantiser can quantise) the result MAY be waveshaping of the initial input but they are all dependent on the specs of the quantiser, if there is any slewing (which they generally have) then it may be too slow for some audio.

But, a quantiser is generally for CV, not Audio (unless its VERY slow audio, as in an LFO). They are primarily there to translate imperfect CVs into accurate pitches. Examples are random modules/S&H/sequencers into beautiful music. But they don’t stop there, using an LFO and and attenuator and/or offset module can create great arpeggios.

If you send audio through a (fast enough) quantizer, the result sounds like a bitcrusher. Like a bitcrusher, the quantizer will output a stepped version of the incomimg wave. The number of steps per volt is determined by the scale. For example a chromatic scale on your quantizer will give you 11 voltage levels per volt, whereas a minor scale will give you 7 steps per volt. So the less notes you quantize your audio to, the more the bitcrushing effect will become audible.

Thanks so it may not be possible, just that I have millions of samples and was just looking for a way to manipulate them musically, tonally, could always alter them with FXs -Phaser, Flanger, LFO, Delay and then Quantise the effected signal would that work? I’m just trying ‘The Cage’ by Nysthi, have you tried that one, trying to figure what all the possible connections do? No manual at present. Thanks for the info Robb.

Hmm… no, not really. I think you’re picturing a quantizer in the wrong place, they’re not made to quantize audio signals.

They are primarily there to translate imperfect CVs into accurate pitches.

The thing with a sampler, that’s different from an oscillator or filter is you could load a sample that’s a piano playing a G or a guitar playing an A. Who’s to say how much CV it will take to get your sample to a perfect F right?

There are other ways you could tune your samples though. For example the Lomas sampler has a tune input. Could connect ADDRSEQ from bogaudio to that and then send the output to something like HotTuna from Nysthi to get each step to be the note you are looking for.

It sounds like what you’re after is an auto-tune module. Check out some of the available Rack modules with the ‘vocoder’ tag (link to VCV Rack Library site). I believe a vocoder is one possible way that auto-tune effects are implemented.

If you’re just looking to match the pitch of a sample so it fits with rest of your sounds, it’s probably easiest to just manually tune the sample via playback speed until it sounds good in whatever context you’re using it.


I’ve done autotune on my voice in the past (for streaming amusement purposes) with a vocoder and pitch 2 voltage i.e. feeding my voice into the p2v and then using that to control the pitch of the…uh…carrier…maybe? Whichever oscilator is setting the pitch. It works okay.


So the Lomas sampler-connect ADDRSeq and then Hot tuna. Also been thinking of when I used a sampler in Fruityloops, the piano roll would change the pitch, would that work in Rack with piano roll modules. Or am I mudding the water again, confusing audio with cv. Would these module perform the same function:

RCM Piano Roll

Entrian Pitch and Envelope Follower

all nysthi sampler can be played at tune: there is a CV input
(sorry was a reply to the main thread)

Thanks Antonio, So which part of the Sampler are these on, there are so many connections and dials on them! I am trying to put some variation into my samples, FXs like delay, and other FXs help! Also looping them using Lilac Looper and Foursome. Just looking for another way to do the pitch shifting/changing [you have one of these]. Not really aiming for ‘tuning’ them.

for example both in the picture are connected with incoming voltage into the 1V/oct CV in

Thanks, so would that provide a variation/movement in the sample? A slow LFO or other FX-delay or… Also whilst I remember does your Tape Control module work with Complex Simpler, Confusing and Quad versions? Thanks for your time.

no, for variation you need to use the CV input at the left (or the inner LFO) this is the TONAL input
yes of course you can do variation in the the TONAL input too, using a cv mixer before using it

to use the tape control with other sampler, you need to connect the output to the CV input and set the VCA knob at the max

Thanks here’s a set up I have put together does that look right:

I’m really confused!
why you are trying to record the the MOD OUT and AUX OUT form TAPE CTROL to the COMPLEX SIMPLER ?
Is it intentional ?
no sense

if you want to modulate SIMPLER with with the LLFO the correct input is the CVFM input and raise the FM knob if you want to Drive it tonally you have to connect the OUT of ADDRSQ to the CV input (the one you have connected to the LLFO currently)

if you want to modulate with TAPE CTRL, you need to connect to CONFUSING SIMPLER not the one you are usingm and connect to the SPEED CV input

Thanks, I see a socket and just try it out most of the time, if it doesn’t blow up, I think it is right! Thanks for your time, I’ll re-arrange all the cables and see if that works. The sample does now ‘bounce’ and give a good variation of tones though!