Quanalog is interested in VCV dev

Hello, people. Yesterday, I met the guy behind Quanalog, who is based in Montreal. We shared a long chat about VCV, which he knew about but never explored. I shared how I used the Instruo collection, which ended up making me buy some of their modules. I also told him about the different benefits of being present in the modular community through VCV.

Anyhow, he showed great interest in jumping in the boat and joining in. As he’s not familiar with the community here, I thought I’d drop a message to learn about how a company like his can start creating modules. He’s not a programmer so I guess there could be a collaboration.

While he might join soon the forum, I open the conversation now and hope so of you might be interested.


Sounds interesting. People like @hemmer and others in here have implemented modules for Befaco and manufacturers. Usually it involves them receiving/loaning the physical modules, to make a faithful implementation.

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Thanks Lars! Your replies are always appreciated. If @hemmer is in, that would be lovely. I might send me a PM. I’ll inform Quan about this.

Yeah feel free to PM me/put me in touch. No promises but interested to hear about it.


I will PM you!

Eurorack manufacturers are welcome to contact VCV Support to collaborate on VCV Rack recreations of their hardware modules. We offer digital firmware porting, analog DSP modeling, and custom UI design.


I have a Quanalog Boubou and would be happy to help with any comparison testing. Wish I could also put my hat in the ring for development, but I don’t have any availability right now.

Quan’s stuff is great. Really enjoyed his performance at Mutek in 2019.

I’d never come them, looks like super interesting modules!