Quadraphonics First Module Alpha Release - MD1200

Hi :slight_smile:
i go my first plugin built without error :slight_smile: and i am up to share with you guys!


  • Mono 1 to 4 Multiplexer
  • CV controls and Mutes over input and outputs
  • Vu meters and Cv automation visuals
  • Direct output for multiple modules extension
  • Awesome Ui :wink:

i would like to know what i have to do to get this plugin in the VCV catalog …
basically, i have only the Win build… maybe some of you can offer to build it on MacOS and linux ?

which are the files i must upload on my github ?

and any other tips are welcome at this point…
thanks, talk to you soon


Is it open source? If so you will need to create a github repo and upload it like the other one did (e.g. https://github.com/VCVRack/Fundamental) … to get your plugin available through the plugin manager you will need to create an issue in the community repo.

(read the readme file)

yes it is open source and it will be the same for the other modules :wink:
i got a github repo, so i will right now upload the contents… i would like to give the all set of builds, for mac, linux… so if someone can help me, i have only a win machine here, thx

I can get you the builds if you want, let me know when the github is ready :slight_smile:


Github is ready… i think :slight_smile:

I highly recommend against using black fonts on dark plates, as you have here.

A drunk user test results in the existence of labeling disappearing:


It’s also low-contrast, which is troubling. The white-labels up top are good though; all of the labels should follow suit.

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i dont talk to drunk people :smiley: i am joking of course !
you are right for the contrast ! and by the way, i dont understand why in Illustrator, the colors are very differents than in VCV ! strange behaviour…

Same with Inkscape. Might be worth checking if any kind of color correction filters are being applied. I don’t believe nanoVG supports them, and it could (but have not tested) explain why the editor and Rack don’t seem to agree on what colors mean.

ok, the dist are available to download !!! Enjoy…and comment please :slight_smile:

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