Push 2 Integration

Hey All, Has anyone had success using the push2 as a controller. I can’t seem to get the encoders to map correctly. Thanks

https://github.com/ed9m/ed9m_vcv just hit me if you can’t compile this

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Thanks Artem, do you have mac version compiled as I don’t know how to do it.

sorry, don’t have a mac at this time. hope somebody will help you here

Just had a friend try to compile for mac. apparently it it is missing a dependency and there is an open issue from march about it.

Hi I just made a fork of that repo, adding libusb dep, cleaning some bugs and planing to add more stuff but couldnt resolve some things yet.

It seems that graphics rendered by PushDisplay are interferencing with the regular VCV Rendering.

The original version is working good for you?

Sorry I don’t have any push to test your module

I own the Push2, but haven’t tried it with VCV yet.

Perhaps of use to developers:

Looking forward to Push2 modules.

If you are on windows i can send you this beta for test

I will grab it from git and try it.

edit: Installed “Delirios Pushmap”

Push 2: “Play” light toggles blue/green, and signal on run/rst when pressed. VCV, I mapped LFO knob to knob on push - knobs move - but with large jumps. No lights in pads or anything on display. No output on VC or Gate. VCVrack seems to work as usual.

Anything in particular you want me to test ?

Oh that is great! Thanks

I will work on the jumps, seems fine on my side. Now I added changes on the repo to start testing the display with libusb, compile it with ´´´make dep´´´. Also added some toggles to release or grab the push. When its ON, suddenly menus and modules randomly stop rendering.

Hi there,

Can anyone help me compile this on windows 10? I don’t understand anything about github or compiling, but i would love to use my push 2 with vcv rack.

Cheers, Ilja

Good news - You don’t need to understand anything about GitHub or compiling.

Download the Studio 6+1 plugin from the library and check out the Iverson module that works pretty well with Push 2