PurrSoftware Module Browser Rendering Issue

@Yeager reported an issue with my PurrSoftware plugin V2.0.32 release to the Library last night. The symptom is that in the module browser in Rack at various zoom settings, sometimes the remainder of the modules on the same row (or perhaps page) as PS and in particular ModeScaleProgressions only render as the panel outline of the modules. Scrolling seems to force a refresh and everything is okay until the next Rack session and the problem shows up again. I have confirmed this in Win11.

Does anyone know what might cause this in the browser. I have seen weird browser render speed issues before but never was able to determine what might cause them. Doing a forum search reveals several browser issues over the years with some speculating that this was perhaps due to FrameBuffer GPU memory issues when scrolling through hundreds of modules in the browser.

Since the problem resolves temporarily by slow scrolling, I don’t think this issue is due to a PurrSoftware plugin bug, but it may be due to the fact that my modules are large panels and render in the browser via PNG files that distribute as resources with my plugin.

Thanks to anyone who has any experience with this or educated speculation.

As seen here :