Pure Data Audio via VCV Prototype

Hi There, I am learning how to use Pure Data (pd) using the new VCV Prototype connection. I am interested in sending control pulses to Pure Data, processing them and returning a signal to Rack. I am sending a signal to the adc~ input and I cannot figure out out to get the signal to register on any of the pd devices (VU, bonk, trigger, array, etc.). I can tell that the signal is there because I can pass it right back to the dac~, out of Prototype and into the VCV scope. I have also opened the pd example patch “gain.pd” and tried to substitute a slider or even just a number for the knob connection and pd just passes the signal without applying the gain value. In short I can’t figure out how to process VCV audio within pd. I am probably missing something obvious (again just learning pd), and would appreciate any help someone could offer. Thank you.

VCV Rack 1.1.6, Prototype 1.3.0 Pd 0.51.1, Mac OS 10.14

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