Proposal for adapted midi module(s).

Hi all. I’d appreciate some feedback on a couple of ideas i have for adapted midi modules. At the moment there are a number of useful MIDI modules but an adapted version of the CV-MIDI and probably the MIDI-CV module would be most welcome. My thinking is that aformentioned modules would do better when they are split in two or even three parts. 1 A part with the clock and transport ports; 2 a part with the V/Oct, gate and velocity ports and 3 a part with the modulation ports Aft, PW, MW. The volume and pan ports could be discarded because these are covered via the CV-MIDI CC module.
I make the above suggestions because the clock and transport ports are not something one needs more than once in one patch. It seems thus logical to me to seperate these ports. The V/Oct, gate and velocity ports on the other hand might be used more than once in a patch, so a module with for instance 4 V/Oct, gate, velocity channels would be interesting. Anyway, that’s the way I experience things. Of course everyone has his own workflow and so my suggestions might well be as much nonsense. Let me know what you think.

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You are right regarding Clock & Transport on a Midi-CV, but you will need it on every CV-Midi which will be connected to let’s say an external synth. And I think to keep both modules “mirrored” and therefor easier to understand, the Midi-CV should stay as one module. But I don’t see why this could not be an interesting option for individual smaller modules, just not as a VCV Fundamental.

Thnx for your feedbck. I had not thought of use with external hardware. And no they don’t have to be fundamental modules.