Proper module behavior when no audio device is selected?

I’m asking because I see a lot of different behavior in existing modules, incl. a lot of apparent bugs that go away when an audio device is chosen.

I’m familiar with the if (module) {... idiom used to detect when we’re still in the module browser. Is it expected that a module should sense this no-audio-device-selected condition and behave in a certain way? Maybe disable all interactivity? Apologies in advance if this is common knowledge.

Timers are different when audio interface is selected (from any AUDIO output), or not. For example, all clocks modules are affected (run quickly when no audio selected).

About your question (no-audio-device-selected condition), I presume Andrew will help you (us). Perhaps, you’ll can ask by email to VCV Rack support.

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@Vortico , do you have any docs or general suggestions about this?