problens with sampler patch

not sure what im doing wrong but i get no sound when i use sampler someone please teach me what ive messed up here it will record whatever midi i play i just dont hear it live only after its recorded

sampler test.vcv (5.0 KB)

It does work for me, all i had to do is to set up the right audio output.

im specifically talking about the midi when i play it i get no sound while its connected to sampler

I have moved your midi to audio chain around a bit.
There’s no wire going from mix to sampler (?)

Also, I don’t know why you want the Audio module on the mixer “Insert 1-12 output” - I would use “master out” (#6 and #7).

anyway i could get that patch from you

nvm figured it out from your pics thank you

sampler test mod.vcv (5.3 KB)

thank you