Problems with some NYSTHI modules

Hello there and friendly greetings! As per title: I am having a lot of problems with NYSTHI SUSSDIO and MUSICAL BOX and, generally speaking, with all those module that allow to load a sample file to be used in a patch. Since I use mostly NYSTHI (because well… Italians do it better! LOL!) I’m more worried about those modules, without neglecting all the others.

As far as I’ve understood, with those modules I can load multiple files and play them as I wanted based on different triggers and I can manipulate them via various LFO.

It happens that when I try to load a file, nothing appears in the window, as if I do not load a thing. There is no way I can load a single file, not to mention multiple files.

I’ve checked the format of the files and they are correct (I use Audacity to make sure my samples are always the right format).

The only player that work properly is PLAYER from BIDOO/CF.

I am using VCV Rack Free 2.3.0, sample rate 96Kh, 13 threads used. I got 64GB ram. Can someone help me out with this issue? Am I doing something wrong without knowing?

Feel free to ask me anything that might help and thanks in advance for any useful answer!

Which OS are you on? SUSSDIO works for me, but I find all the Nysthi modules ignore whichever file you’ve selected and load the first file in the folder. You then have to change it from the menu, and if you have a large number of files in the same folder it’s impossible to scroll down and find the right one! I’m on Windows, using .wav files. Sadly, although it’s a fantastic collection it’s not being maintained at the moment. The developer is taking a break and may come back to VCV modules at some point, so it may be updated or maybe not. Who knows! Simpliciter also crashes in some patches, but not all the time. It’s frustrating really because there isn’t anything else that’s exactly the same :frowning:


I sometimes have this (not loading) with some wav files. My workaround is to load them in a DAW (e.g. Ableton/Cubase etc) and render/bounce/export them again. I don’t know why, but this new file then loads fine.

Hope it helps!


I am on Win10 Pro 64b.

ANTONIOOOOOO!!! People is calling your help!! :sob: :sob: Do not leave your children in shamble and lost!! :scream:

And yeah, there is anything else like those modules right now… Well, for me I can work around that with the Bidoo module but it get crazy for the project I’m working on…


I don’t have any DAW, apart LMMS. Maybe I could try with that… Thanks for the hint. Let’s hope Antonio will answer our call…

Is it possible it only loads waves at the session sample rate? Probably not, but 96k is unusual…

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I think, you should try Audacity. It’s free and a great tool for converting wave files of any format.


and ffmpeg and sox are even better :wink:



Hello there! I am a little bit lost here, what do you mean? Consider I am not soooo deep into tech details… :sweat_smile:

Undoubtfully but… If a software don’t have a GUI I am lost. Despite I’ve beena *nix user for some time I can feel safe only when there is a GUI and those two you mentioned do not have one…

Don’t blame me. It’s all Windows fault… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I was wondering if the wave file sample rate needs to be the same as the VCV sample rate. That would be strange and unexpected.

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Aaaaahhhhh… I concurr… That would be strange alot and equally unexpected but it worth a try.

And thank you for the suggestion, who knows… :crossed_fingers:

UPDATED So, I checked my WAV files, they are all 44100Hz stereo. So I set on VCV ENGINGE → SAMPLE RATE = 44,1Kh and opened Sussudio and Musical Box but both keep on showing the same behaviour: when I tried to load a sample (way smaller than 2Mb) it did not shows in the main windows and so I could not work or manipulate it with those modules.


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I would mail to

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Anyway another sample player could make your patch happy, we have several from VoxGlitch including the awesome GrooveBox and the sickosampler rocks too ( could use multiples of that one, I have before without much cpu load)

Just trying to be helpful, best of luck!

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Excellent suggestion! Thanks! :+1:

Another excellent suggestion! :+1:

(even tho I was so used to use NYSTHI because, you know… Italians… LOL!)

But if NYSTHI do not work anymore…