Problem with loopmidi/loopbe1

Hey guys! I have some problem that i cannot figure out with loopmidi & loopbe1. I have this nifty patch that generates cool rhythms, so i want to send them to an ableton drum rack. The obvious choice for me looks like using the CV-GATE module --> loopmidi --> ableton midi input. It kinda worked fine for a couple of minutes, than started crashing telling me that i cannot use loopmidi for input and output in the same program. I cannot understand why since it’s programmed for output in vcv and for input in ableton. I tried loopbe1 and it gives me the same exact error. I also figured out that it must vcv creating some problems, since with ableton loopmidi works fine.

Any suggestion? Thank you!

Maybe Ableton autoconfigured midi in and out after crashing resulting in a loop.

Nope. I think that it’s a vcv internal problem. I’ve configured Ableton properly, and if close ableton and try to use only the vcv with loopmidi, it keeps crashing.

Same with vcv + reaper!


Very oddly it may very well be the plugin i’m using causing the issue: the audible instruments random sampler! I’ve switched using the Frozen Wastelands’ QAR and it works very very well, and every time i fire up the sampler it crashes!!! More testing later…