Problem with Logic sending MIDI to VCV rack

(Danielzeiglermusic) #1

Hello everyone, having so much fun with the rack.

I’d like to use logic to sequence midi into the vcv rack. I followed this guide:

made a midi channel with an external instrument on IAC Driver IAC BUS 1.
I am running VCV bridge into a bus in logic and back through another audio track to record. This part works. I had a lot of fun building a patch and letting it run and recording it.

I have the Midi plugged into a vcv, using a vcv and adsr to control the gate.

If I select my actual controller- LPD8 Wireless- as the midi source, it works exactly like it should.
If I select IAC Driver IAC BUS 1- about 3 or 4 notes come through then it just sends out a still wave, ignoring the gate, and is no longer responsive to input. What can I do about this?