Problem with Logic sending MIDI to VCV rack

Hello everyone, having so much fun with the rack.

I’d like to use logic to sequence midi into the vcv rack. I followed this guide:

made a midi channel with an external instrument on IAC Driver IAC BUS 1.
I am running VCV bridge into a bus in logic and back through another audio track to record. This part works. I had a lot of fun building a patch and letting it run and recording it.

I have the Midi plugged into a vcv, using a vcv and adsr to control the gate.

If I select my actual controller- LPD8 Wireless- as the midi source, it works exactly like it should.
If I select IAC Driver IAC BUS 1- about 3 or 4 notes come through then it just sends out a still wave, ignoring the gate, and is no longer responsive to input. What can I do about this?


I’m getting the exact same problem. Have you figured it out?

Figured it out. The problem is an infinite looped caused by

  1. Logic listening to IAC for midi events
  2. Logic sending midi events to IAC

To fix: navigate to Preferences --> MIDI --> Inputs and remove IAC drivers from the input list.

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sorry for the post necromancy - but I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and this was the fix. I’m super stoked!

I figured a reply/bump may bring this solution to light for someone else who is struggling, so worth the bump and worth using my first post for it. VCV is amazing and I hope that others get the joy out of it that I do!

Thank you!


Same here - I was having the same issue, and this resolved it for me. Thanks!