problem with installing plugins

hello. I installed vcv rack 2 on my windows 11. everything was fine but now, I can’t install anything. “Could not query user account” is the error I get. Is there any solution to this?

edit: shows {“success”:true} Sign out and in didn’t work.

I don’t have the answer for you, but often there are security settings that will not allow VCV sometimes because of various reasons.

You may have to follow up with VCV support to get a better idea what to do in your situation.

It will function fine, but may be annoying right now to settle a couple of issues with OS security.

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Sometimes there are issues on the server side. These are usually quite temporary and are fixed quickly. Just try back in an hour or the next day.

If there’s something with your account, I *think you can sign out and sign back in on the web site, and that can resolve it. Works for other non-Rack things, so might take a look to see if that’s an option.


unfortunately, I did all but not worked.

The question is, is there any other way to download plugins?