Problem with Count Modula v2.5.0 on Windows? (Nope - it was a problem on my hard drive)

Anyone else having problems installing Count Modula version 2.5.0 on Windows? My VCV Rack is up to date at v2.4.1.

After downloading the Count Modula update from the library and then relaunching VCV, I get the message “Could not extract plugin package …”.

Just did the usual update procedure.

  1. start Rack
  2. Update modules from menu
  3. stop Rack

All files are in the plugin-directory.

Started Rack without any problems. All modules installed (including yours).

Happened on AMD64 Windows 10 w/ Rack 2.4.1.

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Hi Dave, is there any extra information in the rack log file?

It was a false alarm @CountModula - something must have been corrupted in my Count Modula plugin folder. I simply deleted it, and the new Count Modula version installed perfectly.

Thanks @nugglix. I was reluctant to delete the old plugin folder until I knew the new version worked properly.


Good to hear you got it sorted.