Problem when I run with high performace nvidia processor

Hello when I am running vcv1.0 with my nvidia grafic card (and not with the integrated), the design of the module take few minute to appear, and when I see the modules and I turn a knob the movement is not direct but take 1 or 2 seconds… somebody more has this problem? Thanks a lot.

Hi Mathleg. I had the same problem. Fixed by opening the the nVidia display console and changing the settings from high quality to high performance

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Thanks for the response , you’re right it’s better like this.

No problem. You might also want to have a look at the “settings-v1.json” file which is (on windows) in /documents/rack. There is a setting called “frameRateLimit” which defaults to 70 fps. try setting this much lower, I use 15 or 20. This can also help.