Problem loading old patches with the latest VCV release

Hello there and friendly greetings!

I have a question that has been buzzing in my mind for a while now… I made a patch back in 2019 with VCV 0.6.2c and it sounds as I want it to sound.

Recently, thanks to the upgrade of the TriggerFish-Elements plugin, I have been able to load it into VCV Pro 2.4.1 (I was missing my beloved VanDerPol oscillator) but surprise surprise, the patch sound barely similar.

The very same file, with the very same modules, very same settings, same cables, same everything sound very different when opened in 0.6.2c and when opened in Pro 2.4.1 and this is grating my nerves quite a lot. :unamused:

Of course there is an explanation that I am missing, nevertheless I can’t help asking myself why!! Should it sound identical, given the same file with the same settings? Why it sound awkwardly different and, in case of 2.4.1, awfully wrong?

What am I missing here? :thinking: I know I could tweak the patch until I get the same sounds (at least I hope I can) but the whole thing seem just wrong.

I checked other patches made with older versions and I had the same result. They sound wrong and I don’t understand why.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Or am I the only loser to whom this horrible thing happens?

Could it be a module or modules that does this? It would be easy for a module dev to make that mistake.

It stands to reason that the problem may be revealed if we knew more specifically what changed. Wrong is insufficient.

This is the patch, made with ver 0.6.2c If you will open it with 0.6.2c you will hear the sounds as they were intended. If you will open it with 2.4.1 you will understand what I mean and you will hear what changed.

BTW, @veryfungi I remember your Godzilla patch as one of the very first I downloaded from Patchstorage!

13-VAR1-Original.vcv (70.7 KB)

I have your file, but not sure how to open in v0.6.2c on my windows 7 machine.

Uhm. I would not want to state the obvious but you need to have VCV 0.6.2c installed on your computer. Then it’s either CTRL+O or click on the little folder icon in the top left corner of the VCV window. Then search for the file, wherever you have downloaded it and open it.

I hope I have answered your question. Apart that, I don’t know where to find the 0.6.2c I am searching on my backup HDs, if I find it I will send you a link where you can download it.

I figured it out, haha. well they sound very similar. A “sum” module didn’t load, so I may not have heard it correctly. It takes too long for me to switch back and forth to really be able to compare, sorry…

Do you want me to make two short audio sample so that you can hear them?

I would remove the items that are being reproduced correctly one by one. Process of elimination.

to spot who’s the pesky one, right? Yeah, I guess it could work too and I will surely do that.

I still think it’s a lot strange that the same patch played on two different version of the same software should sound differently. But that’s the card we’ been dealt so let’s play with them!

And you are sure that my guess is false?

I use VCV to create soundy things, but once recorded I rarely open them back in VCV. So when new versions of VCV comes out I just start a new soundy thing. I am curious as to what changed, so let us know what you find out. I tend to think it’s a single module acting weird, but who knows.

Absolutely no. With the new function “bypass” should be easier to spot the faulty module, I guess.