probability clock multiply

an apparently simple thing but that I can’t make as I would like: a clock with 3 multipliers: I would like to be able to decide the probability that the clock sends 2x, 4x, 8x.

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My mind goes to BOGAudio and Stoermelder for this kind of thing. I might send Impromptu Clocked to BOG RGate and use Stoermelder 8face to save 3 states of RGate and then on any incoming trigger to 8face it can be set to randomly switch or even pseudo randomly( no repeated selections) or even switch in a more intentional way with ADDR selecting if needed. Just riffing, hope that gives you some ideas.

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I did something fairly similar recently, to vary the rhythm on a patch using filter pings. Three clock outputs with different multipliers go into a 4-1 switch, and one of the clocks goes into the switch’s trigger via a Bernoulli gate. This has the effect of randomly changing the clock multiplier. Fairly simple really, but you can download the patch if you want, and just chuck all the bits you don’t need. I used it to drive random gates into a merge to create a polyphonic trigger signal, where it’s always in time, but the rhythm is constantly changing too, and never repeating exactly the same pattern.



My PolyrhythmClock can do what you’re asking. It has 3 embedded clocks with their own probability knobs. If you set each one to 2:1 they will do 2x of each ‘parent’ like in the screenshot.


23volts SwitchN1 è quello che cerchi (is what you are looking for)

here’s an example (I used the x1 clock as randomizer clock but you can use whatever you want)


great ideas, thanks.

switch n1 doesn’t seem available in the library… Am I wrong?

Polyrythm clock: tried yesterday, how can I get only one clock from the 3? I’d like to have only one of the three at a time

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Maybe like this ?

and indeed 23V is not in the library.

Sorry this is not a solution for the polyrythm clock. Now it is :


Here is going from 3 to outputting only 1 at a time. If you want it to randomly switch rhythms you can use my RandGates, which also has a weight knob and a probability knob to control randomness. It can output uniform random, or in this case where there’s no purple input, you could set the weight knob to purple and set the probability knob to 0%. Of course there are plenty of other ways to weight the outputs as well.


great, thanks!!