Predefined Macro to detect the "VCV plugin environment"

Hi, Sorry for the trivial question, but is there a standard predefined macro that can be used to detect that we are compiling a VCV plugin using #ifdef directive:

#ifdef VCVENV



You can look at the makefiles and see. I made my own years ago because back then I didn’t find an obvious answer.

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The only macro I know of that is defined by the boilerplate Makefile chain for building plugins is the ARCH_XXX where you can identify the platform the plugin is being built for. Obviously, you can always modify your plugin’s Makefile and add a -DXXX to the FLAGS variable, or for a more general modification, add the above to in the SDK.


Here’s my makefile (link below)

The relevant line is: $(TARGET) : FLAGS += -D __PLUGIN

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Ok, a define in the local Makefile of the plugin could do the job.

Thanks! (also to netboy3)

Yes, and although the Library discourage you from using custom make files, defining a variable like this is fine with them.

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