Praise for MSM Treasure

(Soothsayers) #1

I am really really starting to like/ get to know MSM’s Treasure. I freakin’ love dis thing. Having owned and worked with every Noise Engineering VCO, I must say this is the closest thing i’ve seen in VCV Rack. I am wondering where the inspiration came for this module and or coool things other users are doing with it?

I am able to create basslines, lead lines all sorts of things in almost no time flat. Thing loves LFO’s as well. Thanks MSM!

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Just tried it briefly for the first time (ach…) - I agree!

(MSM) #3

Glad you guys like Treasure. The inspiration behind were multiple VCOs in the eurorack world… from Noise Engineering to Blue Lantern Modules…

I wanted to create a VCO with unique waveforms which can be modified within the module itself and of course beeing able to use it also as an LFO… I probably will add a few waveforms in one of the later updates… I got a few ideas :smile:

Happy patching!

EDIT: @Soothsayer …after I read your first draft I checked the code of Treasure and realized that the cv attenuators were wrong… for example they are going the wrong way + to - instead of - to + … will be fixed with the next update.


+1 praise.

Treasure can quickly and easily get very aggressive, and is a total facemelter with a bit of modulation. The first time I loaded it into a patch, I think I spent about an hour just watching it in the scope as I turned the knobs and tried to figure out what it was doing; it’s downright fascinating. I’ve actually been using it in some of my older patches to replace VCOs that weren’t as easy to coax those intense or abrasive sounds out of.

I keep meaning to try using it for a slightly less angry sound, but it’s just so perfect for the noisy stuff.