MSM Treasure VCO: Praise for MSM Treasure

I am really really starting to like/ get to know MSM’s Treasure. I freakin’ love dis thing. Having owned and worked with every Noise Engineering VCO, I must say this is the closest thing i’ve seen in VCV Rack. I am wondering where the inspiration came for this module and or coool things other users are doing with it?

I am able to create basslines, lead lines all sorts of things in almost no time flat. Thing loves LFO’s as well. Thanks MSM!


Just tried it briefly for the first time (ach…) - I agree!


Glad you guys like Treasure. The inspiration behind were multiple VCOs in the eurorack world… from Noise Engineering to Blue Lantern Modules…

I wanted to create a VCO with unique waveforms which can be modified within the module itself and of course beeing able to use it also as an LFO… I probably will add a few waveforms in one of the later updates… I got a few ideas :smile:

Happy patching!

EDIT: @Soothsayer …after I read your first draft I checked the code of Treasure and realized that the cv attenuators were wrong… for example they are going the wrong way + to - instead of - to + … will be fixed with the next update.


+1 praise.

Treasure can quickly and easily get very aggressive, and is a total facemelter with a bit of modulation. The first time I loaded it into a patch, I think I spent about an hour just watching it in the scope as I turned the knobs and tried to figure out what it was doing; it’s downright fascinating. I’ve actually been using it in some of my older patches to replace VCOs that weren’t as easy to coax those intense or abrasive sounds out of.

I keep meaning to try using it for a slightly less angry sound, but it’s just so perfect for the noisy stuff.